Content Strategy For Business Growth

Content Strategy For Business Growth

Content Strategy

When it comes to your business, the content you create determines the interaction you have with your customers, or potential customers. Today, we have so many options to choose from for how we communicate with customers you already have, and the ones you hope to have. As a small business owner, or entrepreneur, you don’t always stop to think which content option is best for your business. Knowing what your options are and why choose one over the other is a step towards efficient communication with your intended audience. The result, when you choose the right form of communication, is finding the customer (s) that’s willing to pay for your services or products.

 Your Content Strategy Options

Below you will find a short video that outlines options for communicating about your business, service, product, and why you should choose each. The content in the video is similar to the blog post I wrote on the six content you can use to build your brand. As similar as the two posts may be, this is more visual, and speaks directly to why you would build a website, grow your social media audience, or choose other communication options to deliver your message. The goal is to communicate the right information, with the right tool, that will effectively reach your audience.

I also thought that I would share the transcript of the video. It’s for those of us business owners with little time and would prefer to skim the content. I know while building a business is important, other aspect of life is equally important. Before diverting your attention to family or other facets of your life, take a moment and either watch the video or read the transcript. Your business will thank you.

Share your thoughts or questions about the video and what you would like other videos to be about.


Video Transcript

Content strategy is the creation, publication and distribution of content that can attract an audience, increase brand awareness and engage an online community of users

Whether you are a small business or an entrepreneur, creating the right content can help to further your objectives and build your brand.

Whats more, the information you create can showcase your expertise

You may ask, why do you need the right content? Here are just a few reasons why…

Nurture relationships with current customers

Attract potential customers

To share information that’s relevant to the success of your company

The information you create should be be unique and relevant to your business brand

What kind of information can you create? The examples that follow are not your only option, just a good place to start

Build a website to share information about your company, and the product or service you offer

Create a blog to add credibility and relevance to your business.  It’s also another way to display your expertise

Continue to grow your online presence by using social media to build your brand and

Produce e-books to establish authority and grow your audience

White papers is yet another way to build credibility and to educate current and potential customers

Connect your content and other external content to demonstrate and recognize the value of others in your industry. It’s a cost effective way to build relationships while showing alternative views

Infographics is an excellent way to help your audience process elaborate content efficiently.

Within the next year alone there will be more than 4.5 billion email users. It make sense to use emails to build relationships, trust and your brand

A personalize message is not only more engaging, it allows you to create a deeper level of empathy and trust with your audience

Whether you choose an email campaign, an e-book, or all the options mention in this short video. One thing is certain, you can create content that will retain your current customers and grow your business.