Insightful, authentic content that builds relationships


Give your audience quality content. It’s the best advertising.

Social Media

Listen, engage and build relationships.

Digital Design

Branding: What people say about you when you are not in the room.

Why Work With A Content Writer?

Content That Converts

To create content specifically geared towards your audience and brand.

Diverse Skills

By using the skills of a content writer, you can amass a more cost effective project. This saves time and money.

Build Relationship

Whether you are a onetime client, or an ongoing client, expect a cohesive relationship geared towards meeting your objectives.

Dynamic Content

To exceed expectations, a content writer will work hard to produce compelling content.


I’m Merlene, A Content Writer in New York

A devoted New Yorker who sees writing as a way of life. I love words. Love reading them and writing them. In fact, when I’m not fulfilling the needs of my clients, you will find me doing one of two things: On my kindle engrossed in my latest book, or writing my next book.

My love of words allows me to be an effective content creator, achieving the needs of my clients, and by providing ideas and inspiration that enhance and change the lives of the readers of my books.

I hope my words will make a difference in the lives of my clients and readers alike.

My Approach


It is the key to having a good client-writer relationship and to meet expectations.

Quality, Quality

My intention is to deliver superior content that’s unique to your brand.

Focus On Success

That’s your success! It’s everything, and CW will deliver content that will meet your needs.

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