How It Works

You’re reading my creative process, so you are considering me for your project. Thanks. I designed my process to keep every project moving efficiently towards an outcome we will both be happy with. If you haven’t done so already, please review my about page. It’s the first step in building a formative relationship which is key to creating the content you need. Process highlight is:

Free 30 minutes consultation

Completion of a detailed brief

Review proposal

Sign contract

Pay required deposit

Project begins

Step 01

Project Definition

There is a two-step starting process in this phase. First, we will discuss your project during a 30 minute free consultation. After discussing the project, if we both wish to move forward, I would send, via e-mail, a link to complete a detailed brief. The goal is to share in-depth analysis of your project goals, and specifics about your company.

Discussion of project, goals & deliverables

Complete detailed brief

Prepare, present proposal and cost

Sign contract

Collect deposit to schedule project

Step 02

Research & Strategy

This is a crucial phase, it’s where the foundation of your project begins. Armed with your detailed brief and focused time researching specifics such as your market, your competition. I will create an analysis based on my research. After presenting the research, you will sign off on my recommended strategy, which will include my approach and timeframe.

Research market and competition

Interview current/past customers

Create analysis and timeframe - sign off

Produce strategy - sign off

Step 03

Content Creation

My creative process begins. I will develop the content within the timeframe we discussed. I will produce a first draft before the deadline and in the format of your choice. The amends process will begin as outlined in the proposal. There will be two free edits within the specified timeline outlined in the contract. Once your feedback is incorporated, we will complete work. We also complete additional payment.

Create first draft as outlined in proposal

Begin revision process

Finalize project and prepare to deliver

Final payment is submitted

Step 04

Deliver, Launch

In the last phase, I will deliver the finished work. I will also offer suggestions based on your intended use, such as graphics you would need to complement the final product. Your success is important to me in this phase, so if additional help is needed, I am here for you. 

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